Our Medical Track Record

Our Medical Track Record

At Mediforum, we provide some of the basis for bioscience achievements that helps clinicians and the medical community to advance cures for many different kinds of health conditions.

Here's some of what we have been responsible for to date in our development of healthcare solutions.

PCR testing

In the past, we've been involved in developing testing for different elements and biomarkers. That's been a part of our legacy when it comes to working with the standards of global regulators and other parties to advance healthcare in the 21st century.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

In the medical community, there's a more general sense that these types of elements make a difference in holistic health. For example, prebiotics and probiotics are widely used in animal food science, but in our view, they belong in human-centered research as well.

We have embarked on a process of studying the use of these elements to improve the immune system.

Combating Cancer

Another one of our projects that we are proud of looks at how white blood cells can fight cancer cells in the body.

Cancer being one of the predominant chronic health conditions that both clinicians and patients are worried about, this type of research and science can have a positive effect on healthcare around the world.

Natural Substances for Memory Loss

We are now working on developing a natural solution for memory loss to fight Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

This is going to be one of the big healthcare battles of our time.

All of this demonstrates our commitment to being on the front lines of medical research today. Also, to us, safety is the number one priority. Here’s how we put it in our outreach to the community as a whole:

“As a leading biotechnology firm in Korea, we provide products that contribute to the advancement of public health and command a leading position in the next generation biomedical market.”

That’s something that we believe in. Take a look at where we’ve been with vanguard medical technologies, and where we’re heading. By being the first to reach a Third Phase Clinical Trial In Korea for some of our proprietary products, we are blazing a trail toward new cures and remedies for the age ahead. Do you want to be part of this revolution? Stay tuned as we continue to innovate here, with programs designed to help the world to meet the challenges that it faces, in a way that is compassionate, and forward-thinking.